Imperfect, the new black

Imperfect, the new black

Pssst. Lean in. I got something to tell you. It’s a secret. Promise you won’t tell anyone else? Come in closer. Let me whisper it in your ear. You ready? It’s going to be a shocker! Pinky promise me not to repeat it to anyone else.

Here it is. I’m not perfect.

Yes, I realize you already knew that. So, it’s not really a secret, but for someone like me, this is quite disturbing.

What do I mean “like me”? For those who don’t know me well, I am one of those Type A, OCD, control freak kinda gals. Perhaps that’s why I like baking. In baking, all the ingredients are precise. There is no deviation. You follow the instructions, and typically within an hour, there is a delicious and beautiful baked good in front of you.

But Jazzercise has humbled me. No matter how much I practice at home, listen to the music, watch the videos… I can’t seem to get a clean set. What do I mean by a clean set? A set with no major mistakes. This past week, I completely forgot what section B was of a song… during section B… to a song I had been doing for an entire week! So it wasn’t new. It just disappeared out of my brain. Poof! Gone! I don’t know if it’s the adrenaline or the fatigue of performing or nervousness, but I just can’t seem to get it right for every song.

I hate having to admit that. I want to say that I am professional enough to perform in an hour a well-crafted, high energy set with no errors.

But I can’t.


And, I’m having to realize that I have to accept that. The greater question is will the client be able to accept that? So far, they do.

Let me take a moment to love on my Jazzercise Tyrone ladies. They are super friendly, encouraging, and they want to work out. Yes, Jazzercise is about dance-inspired exercise, but don’t let that fool you. Tyrone ladies want to sweat, burn those calories, and be fit. They want to be challenged.

In return, they challenge me as well. Yesterday, I taught my first ever Flip Fusion class. I had fellow instructors warn me that this was probably the hardest set to do, but on paper, it looked pretty simple. After several days of Dance Mixx, I was ready for a challenge. I was also ready to embrace… the floor.

This entire time, I’ve been teaching strength while standing. But after seeing all the disappointed faces of not going to the floor, I felt the pressure to rise up. I put aside my own mental and physical comfort to learn how to descend, perform a strength potion on the floor, and then ascend during a stretch.

You have no idea how MONUMENTAL this is for me, I’m sure. It’s big. Bigger than big. Were there mistakes involved? Of course! Remember, my big secret? Duh! But let me tell ya, over two-thirds of my class went to the floor. That’s significant.

Anyway, back to the point. We have to be willing to make mistakes. We have to be willing to put others before ourselves. That requires humbleness and an acceptance of imperfection. I will make mistakes. I will disappoint. But even with all of that, know that I am trying my best to bring you a balanced, fun cardio workout every time I teach. If you’re willing to accept that, dance with me next time I teach. I promise to make a mistake, just for you!

My husband found this tweet and thought that it was funny. I found it appropriate. I need to be confident in my mistakes just like he’s confident. Haha.

One thought on “Imperfect, the new black

  1. Proud of you!!
    Next stop.. Interval Fusion.

    Continue to set high expectations for your customers and they will rise to them. 💕

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