Finish well

Finish well

The past week has been extremely hectic. Normally, I keep a pretty busy schedule with family, business, and social life. But then you add the fact that the kids are out school, instructors are taking vacations, and our church holds vacation Bible school (VBS), and life was utter chaos.

This year for VBS, I took on a different role that I had never done before. I volunteered to be a group leader to a small group of kids. Usually, I like being a helper or part of the food crew, but I wanted to be more involved. So I signed up to lead my favorite age group: four and five year olds. Why do I like this group so much? First of all, they are just so cute! They are old enough to be mostly independent but still small enough to be tiny and cute. Secondly, they are young enough to not give you sass. Most of them haven’t learned attitude yet and fill follow instruction… kind of, sort of. Ha!

I could write so much about the children, our interaction, and the joy I found being with them. I had a group of 11– 8 boys and 3 girls. Before this week, I only knew 2 of my kids. The rest were completely strangers to me. By the end of the week, they were sitting in my lap, giving me hugs, and not understanding that I wouldn’t seem them after the last ceremony. They were special.

But this is not why I’m writing. During VBS, we did a variety of centers which included a Bible lesson, snack, games, craft, and then a skit. On our last day, the skit included this line that really stuck with me. Obviously, I couldn’t remember the exact lines, but it essentially said this: “I have many regrets and can’t change the past. All I can do is finish well.”

This resonated with me so much! I agree with it whole heartedly. I know that I’ve made some serious mistakes in the past. I have wished I made better choices, but in the end, I wouldn’t be where I am now or the person that I have become without experiencing and living my life. There is not point in dwelling in the past. I can only grow and learn from it and keep moving forward. All I can do is finish well.

Here’s a picture of my kids with one of the characters from the skit. Captain Crispy was one of their favorites!

Another joy about serving is that you get to serve with friends!

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