A New Chapter

A New Chapter

You know that old saying, “Practice makes perfect”? Apparently it does not apply to me! Haha!

Last week, I took a break from team-teaching at Jazzercise because I had volunteered to work at vacation Bible school (aka VBS) for my church. VBS engulfed all my morning hours, and I knew myself well enough to know that I would be too exhausted to want to teach in the afternoon. In some ways, I became anti-social in the evening after being surrounded by people all day long.

This worked out really well, though. I took the entire week to really focus on my first set (Dance Mixx), curating songs, double-checking notes for cue tips, sequence accuracy, etc. etc. etc. I listened to the music and did the steps as a I cooked dinner or practiced while brushing my teeth before bedtime. I fine-tuned this set until I was confident… enough… to perform it as well as I wanted to.

And today was THE day. Today was my first solo taught class. I love the morning class as it’s not too hot, the energy is higher than in the afternoons, and these were the women I would work out with. So I was thrilled to be able to teach my first class on a Monday morning at 9:15am.

Y’all. I have always loved the fellow ladies at Tyrone, but they did not disappoint me today. I got text messages, I got hugs, I got people who specifically came just for my class. The physical number of people might not have been huge, but the love shared with me today was immense.

Yes, there mistakes made, and I’m sure that’ll continue on. But we got a good work out (I wish I had remembered to log it on my FitBit!), and most importantly, I think we had fun. Today was oh so satisfying. The journey to this moment has been difficult and long, but I will cherish today (in the blur that it was) for as long as I can remember it.

I made the ladies take a picture with me (in all of our sweaty glory) after class today. Thank you again for allowing me to share my love of Jazzercise with you. I look forward (Lord willing!) to many more classes shared together. For those who just read my posts just to read the about my journey, I hope I can keep you interested in whatever comes my way in this chapter of being an official Jazzercise instructor. Onward to the next chapter!

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