Rekindle the joy

Rekindle the joy

Last time I donated platelets at the American Red Cross, I was challenged to have a total of 19 donations by the end of the year. This meant that I had to make a donation at least every two weeks. That’s a lot to commit since each donation takes an average of at least 3 hours.

But I took the challenge seriously, and I’ve scheduled a few sessions ahead of time to keep me accountable. For the past two sessions, I’ve noticed that my blood pressure was significantly higher than before. Not too high to be unhealthy but definitely higher than my normal.

It has dawned me that stress is probably the culprit to my raise in pressure. I’ve added more another role into my life (joining the parent board at my kids’ school), and with it, all of the meetings, decision making, and organizing that comes long with that.

This past summer has been super taxing as it is the first summer as a business owner. I’m not going to count last summer. We were still social distancing, partially shut down, and just reacting. This summer has been the first full season of vacations, decision making, balancing schedules, etc.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m tired. Owning is not for the faint of heart. To be great owners and a great business, it requires working the extra hours, making the hard decisions that some will not like, stepping on toes, and working those shifts that no one else can. It’s been a hard week. My body and my brain needs a break, and thankfully, one is coming soon!

But the Lord is so kind in that in my ineptitude to bounce-back and get the rest my body thinks it needs, I am reminded today at church that I am to find joy. Today’s sermon covered the familiar passage of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) and the section called The Beatitudes. Although I’ve done an entire Ladies Bible Study on the section and have heard multiple sermons about it, I am still reminded that I am called to be different.

I am called to be salt and light (verses 13 to 15). What does this mean? I am to stand out–essentially taste and look different–to the world. How different?

You may be thinking, “Anita, what does this have to do with you working, owning, adding more responsibilities and giving platelets? I don’t see the connection.”

Well, I felt like my attitude was of the world. I was feeling grumpy and tired. I was feeling entitled and wondering why I wasn’t getting all the things I deserved. I was serving, but not with a servant’s heart, but out of obligation. All of this crashed into my thoughts as I listened to the sermon of finding happiness and joy… not of this world, but in the kingdom of Heaven. I did not have this joy, especially this week.

So my prayer this week is that the Lord rekindles that joy for me. My schedule will not have changed. My work week is stacked with meetings, things-to-do, and people to see, but that doesn’t mean my attitude can’t change. May my spirit be humbled and take strength in the Lord. May my joy begin and end in Him. May there be peace and rest in my Savior. Amen.

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