Hard Decisions

Hard Decisions

How is your stash of toilet paper? Do you have enough can goods to last you for awhile? How will you spend the next two weeks at home, with the kids, while school has been shut down?

I’m sure these are all questions you’ve asked yourself the past couple of weeks as the world is trying to respond to the spread of COVID-19. I had to fight the crowds to get my weekly supply of salad, milk, and bread, and was amazed at how depleted my local Costco was of paper goods and fresh/frozen produce. I fight every day to not hop on that anxiety train.

In a Facebook group for small business owners, a discussion arose on whether it was responsible to close doors for the two week incubation stage of the Corona virus. I can’t say which decision is the correct one. My decision was made for me when my local government-owned building closed its doors on all activities.

However, I know that the decision is not an easy one to make. There are so many ramifications other than just the loss of income. In a service industry such as mine, will the customer return after such a hiatus? With the economy slowing down or even coming to a halt, will the customer be able to afford my service once we open our doors? What will the community look like once the dust settles, children are back into school, and day-to-day activities return back to “normal”? Is there hope for SMBs to survive and be resilient enough to succeed? These questions haunt me more than if I’m going to get sick.

I want the best for my clients, and I know that I cannot allow a very large and overwhelming spot destroy the overall beauty of the global view of my business. Like I’ve said before, I’m in it for the long haul baby.

As we begin the first of at least two weeks of closure, I have to trust that the Lord, who has been faithful before, will continue to be faithful. I have to trust that my love, loyalty and hard work for my clients, business, and community is enough to sustain us until we move on to the next chapter. I have to trust in science (yes, just because I trust in God doesn’t meant I don’t wash my hands, disinfect, or believe in science. They are not mutually exclusive as some people think!) and society to make the right choices in staying healthy and safe.

So friends, I leave you with this image. Life is a little un-bear-able at the moment. Hopefully, it won’t be for too long. Until then, keep dancing, stay healthy, and I hope to see you on the dance floor soon.

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