I’ve been struggling to find that inspiration to write. I started to write this blog because I had been told that my story was interesting, inspiring… all of that jazz, but now, most of my story has been told. What now? I’m living the story which means it takes longer to build up enough content to write.

So what has been happening since my last post? Well, Jazzercise just celebrated its 50th year anniversary! Our little center also celebrated its anniversary in Tyrone, GA, and because of all these Jazzer-birthdays, I decided I should celebrate my own!

I began Jazzercise in 2016 when I was pregnant with my last kiddo. I was only 4 months along, not too big, and I wanted to include a low impact exercise that didn’t require sweating outside (all you mammas that have summer babies know what I’m talking about!). I had a free week trial, decided to use it, and then got hooked.

Even to this day, some of my favorite routines came from that year that I joined. That’s where I’ve been pulling my musical inspiration from. My favorite set so far (which also happens to be my most difficult in execution) is a combination of current and 2016 routines. I had to borrow the instructional DVDs from a friend to make sure I remembered the routines, but it’s been really fun to watch all of them and remember which were done three years ago. It’s been fun watching the clients remember a song as it slowly begins over the speakers and see that “Aha!” moment in their eyes.

To me, there are two major components to a great set. Is the music fun and relate-able? But more importantly, is it a great workout? Because in the end, that’s what the client is there for, right? To burn calories, to get in shape, to exercise. If I don’t get any sweat equity out of them, I didn’t do my job well. My last Core set and my upcoming Dance Mixx I think really answer those two components well.

With school starting up, soccer, dance class, church, etc., life is running its full race right now, and blogging is just not a huge priority. But thank you for continuing to read and invest in me. The blogs may come more spaced out in time, but I hope you continue to stay with me. 🙂

Below is a picture of my fellow Jazzer-sister, Stephanie. Yesterday, we were trying to figure out how we became such good friends. We know that we met at Jazzercise but can’t remember how our friendship developed. Perhaps our friendship was so instantaneous that there was no beginning. Anyway, I had the privilege of handing her her 150 class shirt yesterday. Now, that’s inspiration! It takes dedication, commitment, stamina, and sheer willpower when you’re a working mom with young kids to maintain a workout regiment. Congrats to you Steph!

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