I’ve been doing a lot of reflection lately. With so many things going on–many things which are out of my control–I’ve been… anxious? Impatient? Frustrated? All of the above?!?!

In many situations that I find myself in, I always wonder, “What is God trying to teach me in this moment?” In the good times, I need to learn to be thankful. In the difficult times, what is He revealing to me that needs to grow? Or needs to be put off so that a better, godlier attribute can be put on? What am I lacking in the pursuit to glorify God in my life?

Today, I realized that I needed to surrender. I have been feeling angry and frustrated, impatient and ugly… all due to me not getting MY way in MY timing. I have been defiant to those who have been placed in authority over me. My attitude has been one of superiority instead of graciousness, submissive, and humble.

Again, because I want all things MY way.


Now, that I’ve come to this realization, I pray that it helps me to react better. Because my situation is not going to change. I cannot change the attitude and actions of those around me.


Oh yes, there is a but.

But, I can change the attitude and the actions within me, with the grace of God. Let it begin today. Right now. This very second.

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