Our Success

Our Success

Is it true when they say all publicity is good publicity? If so, Jazzercise Corp has had some good publicity. Recently, the world-wide exercise program was featured on The Today Show in its “Behind the Brand” section. As a dutiful instructor and owner of a center, I felt obligated to record and watch the segment. Overall, I felt that it was a good representation of what we offer.

I won’t go over the entire interview. I’ve linked it below for your enjoyment if you want to see the plug. But I wanted to share with you the discussion that my husband and I had after we watched the segment together.

Cause unlike many other programs where it’s all about competition–competition with your peers, your coach, or yourself–there is none of that in Jazzercise. We don’t try to improve times, increase weights, or lower BMI. We don’t require a certain amount of crunches or squats when you enter through those doors.

There is only requirement when you walk in. Be prepared to dance. It sounds simple, but it does require several components. You have to be willing to let go of the fear that you’re going to look stupid, that you can’t keep up, or that you can’t “dance”. You have to be physically prepared with the right equipment: comfortable and supportive shoes, clothes you can move and sweat in, and water. You have to be mentally prepared to follow the journey that the instructor has prepared for you. Each instructor has a unique teaching style, music tastes, and movement preference that make each class unique.

All of this to say that our Jazzercise community is special. We celebrate every day you come to class. Every milestone, birthday, and personal goal is shared with each other. Not only are we work out buddies, but we are friends.

Your success is our success.

Gosh, that sounds extremely cheesy, but it’s true. As an instructor, our value and worth are our students. Our students reflect how effective our classes are. You are our report card. Again, your success is our success.

So as this year winds down, and Thanksgiving comes around next week, America will reflect on what it is thankful for. There may not be much. The country is in the midst of a Presidential administration change and a global pandemic. 2020 was and is still a difficult year, and let’s face it, 2021 will probably start off rocky as well.

Whatever life brings to us, let’s take it one day at a time. Whether our doors stay open or we go back to all virtual, Jazzercise Tyrone and SouthSide Jazz will be here for you. We gotta keep succeeding. One class at a time.


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