This past week was probably one of the hardest weeks I’ve endured in a very long time. The closest I think I have felt this tired was after giving birth to my oldest child. With him, I was a week overdue and was induced. Almost a day later with very little sleep and no food, I was rushed into surgery for an emergency cesarean. Even after the surgery, I couldn’t rest as I was constantly being monitored, visited, and feeding a newborn. Those first weeks of a newborn’s life is exhausting.

And this past week had the same physically draining effect for my other newborn child: my business. Every year in February, there is a week of vacation from school for winter break. I knew winter break was going to be light on staff as many people were traveling for vacation. My family didn’t really have plans anyway, so we decided to do more of a staycation, and then I could focus on teaching classes or any other issues that would arise.

Oh boy, did issues arise! From flu and sickness, ailing parents, and planes breaking down, the schedule just suffered. What originally started off as a manageable week all of a sudden became a difficult week.

However, all did not fail, and we rallied! No classes were canceled, and attendance was actually very high for a holiday week. I think I taught probably my best class during this week… ever. Granted, I’ve only been certified for almost 8 months (what?!?!?! I can’t believe for only that short of a periond of time and yet it feels sooooooooo long) so there aren’t that many classes to brag about.

All of this to say, our little center is special. Yes, Jazzercise is a national program, and every center is unique and great, but Jazzercise Tyrone has evolved into a little gem. We may not be great in size, but we are great in encouragement, support, and joy. Even when I’m in a brain fog and can’t remember what comes next in the routine, they just go with me and are so gracious. If you’re part of Jazzercise Tyrone and you’re reading this blog, just know that I love sweating it out with you. You’re the reason why I keep pushing myself, learning, hurting, enduring, and fighting to teach. Thank you for all of your support this week. You kept me fueled even when I was nearing empty.

For the month of February, we’ve had a challenge to earn a free shirt. If you attend 20 days of classes out of 29, you earned a really cute tank that supported heart health awareness. There were women that showed up fro 20 days in a row! If I am feeling this sore and drained from teaching six days in a row, I can only imagine how these ladies must feel! They are the real troopers, and I’m so proud of them. This just shows how much you can accomplish if you just put your mind to it! As Buzz Lightyear says in Toy Story, “Never give up! Never surrender!”

Today, I received a little goodie bag from one of our clients. She wanted to thank me for bringing in bagels on one of my classes and just to show her appreciation for this past week. Y’all, I’m one blessed lady, and I totally recognize it.

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