For the love of it

For the love of it

What day is it? Can you believe it? January is almost over! Do you know what that means? I’ve been an owner for almost a month now. What?!?! How can it be so?

But it is, but it is. I have been bombarded with questions from dear friends, all essentially asking the same thing: “How’s it going? What’s it like being an owner?”

The American dream is alive and well in Tyrone, GA. Two little ladies have taken over Jazzercise Tyrone, and we’re making it work. We are so many hashtags (#momboss #fitmom #fitnessinstructor, just to name a few), that I can’t even list them all. There has not been a single day that has gone by that I have not talked to my partner. She is literally and figuratively my work wife, and there are days that I talk to her more than to my own husband (granted, he does travel a lot on business… but I digress. I love you honey!). We are in it to win it, and we hope you’ll hop on our bandwagon.

Speaking of our bandwagon, this little bandwagon is tough. It’s been through a lot the past several years, and it has the scars and bruises to prove it. However, the community that has stayed and endured through it all are the heart and soul of this little business. We work hard for them, for you, and all the future Jazzers out there. We love what we do and want to share that joy with others.

We had our grand opening celebration on January 11th and had a great turn out. Below are pictures of the staff and those who came out to support us.

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