So it begins

So it begins

I’ve been getting a ton of telemarketers on my cell phone, so if there’s a phone number that is calling me, I typically don’t pick up the phone and send it straight to voice mail. So on Friday when I got a call from Florida while cooking dinner, I just ignored it. When I heard the alert that I received a voice mail, I assumed it was another cut off robot voice telling me that I owed the IRS money or could reduce my student loan debt.

However, this wasn’t it. I received a phone call from a trainer… from Jazzercise… requesting me to call her back.

And ironically, when I did call her back, I got her voice message!

Well, to kill the suspense, I PASSED!!!! I officially have entered into the Jazzercise training program to become an instructor, and in approximately six weeks, I’ll be testing in a center in Roswell to see if I get certified.

I literally screamed and jumped up and down when I got off the phone with her. Like a little school girl who has been told that summer has come early and I get to play every day.

First of all, I want to thank all of the kind words shared with me via comments here or on FB or in person. I have felt so much love and encouragement in the past week. My nature is to be transparent, and sometimes, that rubs the people the wrong way. But my honesty about how difficult this process has been physically and emotionally has really connected with others, and I’m so happy to share this journey with you.

Secondly, I need you to stay with me. The journey has not ended. If anything, it feels like it has only begun! There are lots of things I will need to improve and work on that are completely foreign to me (um, like learning all the routines that I know already… but performing them backwards! My brain is already exploding!). As I watch these training videos of these routines I need to learn, I feel so inadequate. These instructors are amazing! Their bodies move so fluidly, accurately, intensely… I am at a loss for words. I feel the insecurity rising in me with every viewing.

So pray for me. Pray that I can endure the long race, physically and mentally. Pray that through the doubt, I continue to work hard and try. Pray that I will glorify God in my attitude and with my interactions with others. Thank you friends for lifting me up during my time of need. I hope that when the time comes (if it hasn’t already), I’ll return the favor.

By the way, if you ever have questions about the gospel, my salvation, or my beliefs, I would be happy to get together with you and answer any questions you may have. I may not know all the answers (which I tell my children a lot!), but rest assured that I would find the right sources to get them to you. 🙂

Here is a picture of me when I earned my 150 class shirt in 2018 with my Jazz-sister-from-another-mother Stephanie. Another reason to join an exercise class? You meet great people and become great friends with your classmates. Get used to it folks. You’ll be bombarded with Jazzercise from now on! Hahaha!

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