Don’t say diet

Don’t say diet

Y’all. The month of March is cray cray. I have so much going on with the kids’ school, church, sports, family events, etc. I can’t keep it all straight without writing it all down!

But, I’ve been wanting to write this post, and I’m trying not to let more than week go by without me writing. Gotta have goals, right?

So let’s get back on topic.

There are so many different food directions (fads, choices, whatever you can to call them!) right now. Before, it was just Atkins and South Beach. Now, you can do paleo, whole 30, juicing, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, keto… name a weird food restriction, and I bet you there is a food plan that matches it.

As I mentioned before, I did do a bootleg version of Weight Watchers and had great success with it. I’m not saying that you can’t add these layers of food restrictions to your journey and not be successful. I’d be a hypocrite if I did. I’m also not going to endorse a specific path either. Each person has a unique vision, dietary restriction, and budget. I’m not going enforce my mainly organic and whole food mentality on you.

However, I do have one bone to pick with all of these diets.

There. I said it.

The cursed word. DIET.

If you want to be successful in whatever food path you take, it can’t be a diet.

WHAT? But isn’t that what it’s called… a D-I-E-T?

Yes, but for it to be successful, substantial, and long-lasting, that food path can’t be a diet but a lifestyle change.

Most of the time, you start a new regime, and you’re laser focused. You stick to it, and you may lose a ton of weight. You hit that goal, are happy, and then what do you do? You go back to your old eating habits! And then what happens? You gain all the weight back! Maybe even more than when you started!

Then your weight becomes a giant roller coaster ride, fluctuating up and down those hills. Sometimes it’s thrilling and other times you’re scared out of your mind that this ride will never end. Who’s got time for that?

So skip the diet. Embrace whatever your choice is and commit to it long term. Let it be a lifestyle change that impacts everything that enters into your body. Remember, slow and steady wins this race.

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