Find your cheerleader

Find your cheerleader

Most likely the heaviest weight of my life was around my wedding and the few years after that. I had secured my man, we got comfortable, and the weight just kept adding on. Love can do that.

Even though I was probably my heaviest, my confidence was probably at its highest. I had found a man who loved me as I was, large and all.

Throughout my roller coaster weight gain/loss, my husband has been my biggest supporter. Regardless of my outer appearance, he has always loved the beauty from within. He always called me beautiful, even in my worst of days. Ladies, he’s such a keeper!

He also has always been a supporter of whatever endeavor I have tried. Whether it was Weight Watchers, exercise through walking, exercise through running, exercise through Jazzercise… whatever path I took, he would encourage me, even if those events meant less time with him. Good friendship (yes, marriage is just another form of friendship) doesn’t require hands on support. Sometimes the best support is from a distance.

Anyway, the whole point of all this is to encourage you to find that special person. He/She doesn’t have to be a spouse or even related to you. Find that person (or even an entire group!) who loves you (your physical self and your spiritual self) as you are. Not only do I have my hubby who is my biggest cheerleader, but I also have a group of wonderful ladies at Jazzercise Tyrone who are constantly lifting me up, encouraging, complimenting, and inspiring me. All of them keep me moving forward, even when my body and my brain tells me I want to stop.

Who is your cheerleader? If you don’t have one, I’d love to be yours! Or if you have your village of peeps, than don’t be stingy and share the love with others. Sometimes it’s more satisfying to root from the sidelines than to be full throttle in the race.

Here’s a a picture of me, about 3 years after our wedding. It may or may not be the heaviest weight of my life. I can’t know for sure as I refused to get on a scale. 🙂

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