Hello world!

Hello world!

Sometimes, I’m not a finisher.   That bothers me.  I’ve started many blogs before, some about my thoughts, marriage life, mommy life, etc. but then the blogs would piddle out as life got too complicated or the inspiration stopped flowing.   There were many times I thought my life wasn’t interesting enough to be in physical words for other people to read.  There’s nothing that special about me.

But I do have a journey that has inspired and have encouraged those around me.  It doesn’t include a wonder product, a celebrity mentor, or hitting rock bottom.  If you know me at all, I’m the logical thinker.  I’ll analyze, dissect, organize, and with sweat equity, spit out an outcome that is hopefully worthwhile.

What is this journey you may ask?  It’s not glamorous!  I have conquered what most women struggle with at least one point in their lives–body weight and body image.  This journey has been very long (all of my 38 years of life so far!), still on-going, and has never shown instantaneous results.  However, the results are real, they encourage others, and I’ve been asked to share.

So if you allow me, I’d like to share that journey with you.  It may be a boring read.  You may not like my writing or agree with what I have to say.  That’s okay.  I’ve given up on making people like me a long time ago.  I just want to encourage other women out there who are frustrated with their bodies, their weight, and/or their self-image and let them know that they aren’t alone.   It’s okay to love the body that you’re in now and still want to improve upon it.   We can do that together.  I hope we do.

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